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Who Are We?

Islands Cafe was established in 2016 in White Rock, BC. The owners Jalene and Robb Harding are a husband and wife team. Islands Cafe is a family owned business with three locations in the White Rock and South Surrey area of B.C., Canada.
Islands Cafe is set up as a managerial run Cafe and Roastery. As owners we work as a support team for our managers giving them the knowledge and tools they need to successfully run Islands Cafe.
The concept of Islands Cafe is one which focuses on healthy food options made affordably and quickly with out sacrificing quality of ingredients. This is seen in all out food items and also in our in-house roasted coffee beans.
If you have a passion for surfing, Hawaii, and healthy food and drink alternatives then Islands Cafe might be a great option for you as a carreer.

Our experience is your greatest value

Starting a cafe is a lot of work and often can lead to higher expenses if you don't have a really good understanding of how the business works.
Ja and Robb have an extensive knowledge base of all things cafe: Operations, systems, POS, recipes, marketing, tech.
Just a few of the major topics you will be required to know and master as a cafe owner.
When investing in Islands Cafe you are given this knowledge base and the stresses and expenses of starting a cafe are greatly lessened.
"We will guide you through every step of this process! From finding,and building out a location, to hiring staff, setting up your POS, and implementing the systems that make your business managerial ran.






Average Customers Per Day


Average Customer Age


YOY Growth

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As as entrepreneurs, we look to check off certain boxes in the food and beverage industry that matter most to the success of our business.

Food and drink quality
Food and drink consistency
Operational systems
"VIBE" A place staff wants to come work! Which transfers into a p;ace customers want to spend time at.

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Our Products

Considered to be the best coffee, acai, and breakfast sandwich available in Vancouver, BC. Our cafes lines up for our hand made quality products daily.
The shift from low quality fast food to a more health conscience movement is here in Canada and the competition in this space is minimal, which offers a great opportunity to be first in your market and attract a loyal customer base.

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The Freedom Business Model

Islands Cafe business model was developed to allow the café and Roastery to be managerial ran. This frees up time for the business owners to concentrate on making sure consistency quality and staff are doing a proper job.
This also allows for a wide range of flexibilty when it comes to your personal time while running your cafe.
Proper systems and operations allow for this and when joining the Islands Team you will be educated on how it all works. We have made it easy!

Some Best Sellers

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Costs to become a Franchisee

Total Start Up Investment $250 - 400K

The build out cost depends largly on the space wich you are aquiring and what renovations are needed.

Depending on your financial situation the best way to save money is to find a location where a Cafe or soemthing similar previously exsisted. If that isn't an option then a build out will be needed.
Robb will guide you through all senarious and educate you along the process.

"We have done both situations. Our first cafe was a take over with minimal build out, and our third location was a ffull built out. Both have there advantages!" - Robb

Regardless, location is king and before any leases are signed its important we establish an area were Islands Cafe can thrive. Were extremly good at understanding what demographics and what areas are best for our concept. We have done an extremly goo djob at this ourselves and thus understand the power it has on sales.

Interested in knowing more? Stop waiting on your dreams, lets do this!