Roasted and shipped to us weekly from the Hawaiian Islands. Coffee from Oahu, Maui, and The Big Island of Hawaii. No acidity, no bitterness ever.


10 years feeding the world's best surfers. Come try the recipe that started it all. The North Shore Acai Bowl! Only 280 cal. packed full of the good sugars, and anti oxidants.

The Kahuku Poke Bowl

Located 15 minutes form the North Shore is the small Hawaiian town of Kahuku. Kahuku is known for two things; There high school football, and the amazing poke of The Kahuku Superette. An everyday stable for Hawaiians and surfers through out Hawaii.

From Hawaii, to us, to you.

Our beans are roasted each week in Maui and over night shipped to our front door. Fresh Hawaiian coffee made with aloha.

North Shore Acai Bowl

A sorbet fruit paste of blended Acai topped with granola, banana, seasonal fruit, coconut, and honey drizzle.

Kahuku Ahi Poke

Poke style Yellow Fin Tuna, marinated in a seaseme seed and shoyu maranade. Over 28 g. of protien. A taste explosion that is heathy and clean.


Islands Cafe was founded by Robb and Jalene Harding in June of 2016. "The idea is to share the best parts of our Hawaii with our home in Vancouver, BC." It's about the vibe, the food and drink, but most of all the people. Read our full story in the about section of the site.

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