Lazy Afternoon Medium Roast (Subscription)

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1 bag = Approximatly 21  coffee cups. 

Recommended 2 bags per person each month 

Every bag of Islands Cafe is roasted the week of your order to ensure freshness and quality. Our Lazy Afternoon Medium roast is a smooth, soft mouth feel coffee with a Cherry and Vanilla after taste. The Hawaiian blend uses coffee from Kannapali Farms in West Maui.

Hawaiian coffee contains the lowest acidity in any coffee bean found through out the world making for a very soft mouth feel. The low acidity allows for increased flavor profiles and zero bitterness. This is due to the amount of nitrogen found in lava rock which feeds the soil of the coffee fields with the best natural and organic nutrients. All coffee orders will be roasted, packed and shipped by Islands Cafe Roastery ltd ®

Flavour Profile Raspberry, Chocolate, Cherry
Roast Medium

Hawaii | Brazil

Mouth Feel

Soft, no bitterness