Small Steps in a positive direction

Your community is our community

I read a statistic claiming over 10 billion paper cups go into our land fills every year. I broke it down to see how that might effect my community. It was around 17 million cups White Rock and South Surrey were contributing. How many of those were Islands cups, and what about all the other "to go" waste we were contributing to. A change was needed.

I started to reach out to different manufactures to see how I could implement a sustainable approach to all the "to go" waste. It became very evident that going biodegradable was going to cost a lot more money then of our current products, but the evidence was to hard to ignore. The more I saw Islands Cafe "to go " items around the community the more clear it became that this needed to stop.

The plan became to offset the cost using the profits from our Third Friday music nights. The support for these starting out musicians has been super positive and therefore we wanted to give the positivity back. For the past year we saved all our Music Night profits and use that money to source a large quantity of 100% Bio Degradable "to go" products.

The birth of Kokua Third Fridays was discovered. What a concept! Local musicians contributing there time and talent along with local support indirectly improving our community we all live.

Come support our Kokua events and support local music while contributing to the sustainability of your local coffee cafe, and your community.


Robb and Jalene Harding

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